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Babycurls Beauty (est. 2018) 



Ceo Mya known as "babycurls"(est 2009) created Babycurls Beauty in 2018. Around 6 months after having her first child Jonathan Jr. at the age of 21, she went to beauty school for Nails and Skin Care. Looking for a passion that can turn into a career, She spent countless days working building a name for herself as a nail tech. She became a licensed Full Specialist and Hair Braider. In the coming months she realized she had a passion for Nails and the Hair Care side of hair. Fast forward 2 and a half years later she has turned her career into a passion that has gained her the opportunity to be her own boss full time. Babycurls Beauty Co. represents strength and courage to follow your dreams and woman empowerment. We strive to touch and inspire the lives of many women to "go for it". Anything is possible and you can turn a passion into a career if you believe in yourself. Mya is passionate in helping and encouraging women into pursuing their dreams And starting their businesses full time. Babycurls Beauty was founded with her creative side in mind while Bodied by Baby, was created to motivate and encourage women of all shapes and sizes to focus on health and wellness. While focusing on her brands & creating a unique lane for herself, Mya has become a serial entrepreneur motivated to touch the lives of others. 

“Anything in this world that you want can be yours. Create your own lane and worry about yourself. The support will follow, don’t seek validation from anyone.”


-Master Nail Artist & Educator Mya 


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