Shipping information

Liquid lipo ships daily (same day) or next day unless announced.

Please allow up to 3 business days for orders to process. 

what shipping company does Babycurls Beauty Co. use?
for all products we use USPS Shipping only.


how much is shipping costs?

shipping costs can vary between $4-25 Depending where we are shipping from. 


do you ever have free shipping?

yes most of our items ship free of charged unless specified. 
spend over $50 to insure free shipping unless you would like your items rushed.

Please don’t hesitate to email customer service at for more information on shipment times. Also follow our social media pages for updates 


Am I able to return or exchange items?

We currently are not accepting any returns of our items due to their personal nature. 
if your item arrives damaged please contact us on our customer service email: with a photo of your damaged item so we can take a look. 

what if my address is incorrect or my mail gets lost or stolen?
Incorrect addresses are not our responsibility please ensure that you input the correct address. If you have any questions you may contact us for additional information regarding your order. 
 If your address is incorrect or your order is damaged there will be a $10 order correction and shipping fee. 

if your mail gets lost or stolen we have no responsibility of the item once it is shipped out of our headquarters. Please be on the look our for your items from us as they are very high quality items.